Reflective essay on first year of university

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Reflective essay on first year of university

A curation of great ideas coming out of Ryerson University. If I were to describe university in one word it would be: University is refreshing because it finally feels like you have taken a step away from high school and your childhood and a step towards maturity, growing, and finding yourself.

You begin to learn things about yourself you never knew and you start to understand how things in the real world work, even if sometimes your classes seem pointless. Some of the major things I learned had to do with my program and classes, my commute, the people I met, and the freedom I gained all within this first year.

This time last year, I had been accepted to my current program, Journalism, but I was still waiting to hear from another program at Ryerson. I was excited knowing that regardless, I would be attending a school that already felt like a second home to me.

By this point, I had had three campus tours and felt like I was part of the Ramily. The reality of university actually hit me a week before frosh week: Journalism was my second choice and in high school, I hated writing and preferred the technical work. Regardless, I thought it would be a good second choice since both fields are connected and similar in some ways.

Now that I officially completed an entire year in the program, I realized that I actually love to write and that I genuinely love the work. I was just too scared to break out of my comfort zone, try new things, and improve skills I thought I never even had. For instance, although I may not have been the strongest writer in the beginning, as the year progressed and with continuous practice, I noticed how much my writing started to improve.

The Classes The amount of work you put in to each course is outstanding. This was something I had to learn to adjust to: I was pleasantly surprised with how simple each course was, however. For some courses, I only had a mid-term, essay and exam which I found very satisfying since it would allow me to focus on my continuous journalism work throughout, and not worry too much about those courses, until each part came up.

In terms of organizing your semester, if I were to give you one tip it would be to have a month-by-month calendar of your entire semester with all your due dates and test days written in.

Reflective essay on first year of university

Sure you save money, but it also makes you make the most of every second of your day. Things I did on my commute and that I recommend to pass the time: This is one of my favourite things to do during a commute. Funny podcasts brighten up your day and educational podcasts teach you things you never knew.

Read the Metro newspaper: Reading the news helped me stay on track with world events and also made the subway ride to Ryerson pass by a little faster. The best part of reading the Metro paper is the sudoku.

Seriously, it gets addictive. Print out your notes for a test and read over them on the subway.

Reflective essay on first year of university

It keeps you busy and makes use of that time. I no longer feel like my life revolves around school, but more like school is a large portion of my life, but I get to explore other things, too. In my first semester, I had two days off and even on those days I would commute downtown just to explore the city.

Other days I would start early but end before noon, leaving me with the rest of the day off.Reflective essay on first year of university.

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Free Essays on First College Semester Reflection

Sample Reflective Essays Below we offer two examples of thoughtful reflective essays that effectively and substantively capture the author's growth over time at California State University .

I came into the University with my head screwed on tight, however, as the semester came to a close, I began to question things. My goal was to maintain A's and B's, but that was a struggle. Being sick for three weeks was against my will, but that did however make reaching my goals tough.

A look back after the first year of being an international student, what its like, how it has affected you. Reflections After Your 1st Year; Reflections After Your 1st Year.

For the last nine months, Davis has been home to students from all over the planet. an Education Abroad Program student from the University of Warwick in the United. Word count: Reflective essay on People in Organizations Introduction This is a reflective essay on my experience of learning “People in organizations” during the first half year of my postgraduate study.

I will include my personal feelings during the learning process in teamwork when making the portfolio. Essays on Reflective Essay First Days At University. Reflective Essay First Days At University Search. Search Results. First Day At The University This essay will discuss the challenges face by the first year at university in term of social, economic and academic.

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