Film observation note

This can only be reached by drawing constantly. Even though these artists' ideas may differ, they have a shared interest in infusing geometric abstraction with gesture, and using non-traditional processes, materials and forms. The forms are kept simple. As a result it is open for interpretation from one's own experiences, demanding personal aesthetic perception from the viewer.

Film observation note

Then, inthe Swedish research institute conducted another experiment by distributing researchers to observe single Norwegian men on their use of kitchens.

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There was a winter in Norway where a policeman stood on a road and watched many cars with caravan camps drove pass him to start the project.

Folk had put many efforts to force Ask to join the project but it failed. Film observation note, Ask took it at night and opened a door to allow Folk entering his house.

Unfortunately, Ask felt his privacy has been invaded. On the other hand, Folk was observed by Ask Via the hole on the ceiling. He saw what Folk wrote on the note during sitting on the umpire chair. Next day F-look talked to his boss that he wanted to change the host because it seems that no any progress on his observation as he has never seen Ask used the kitchen.

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He suspected that Ask cooked food in the bedroom instead as he smelled food cooking from the upstairs. However, the boss refused the host shift.

The relationship of both men became closer when Ask wanted to smoke but he did not have any tobacco left and Folk gave Ask his tobacco. Then, Ask made Poke a cup of coffee and invite him to take the coffee break. This is the first time they got to talk. After that, they started deeper conversation to get to know each other more in such a topic like their hometown and the origin of their family name.

After that, Ask started treating Folk as a friend of him which can be seen from any of his actions. For instance, Ask covered Folk with a blanket when he fell asleep on his umpire chair.

The boss emphasized that the observer must not be closed with host. After that, Folk was sick and Ask looked after him.

Ask decided to lie to the boss that Folk went out to buy tobacco in order to prevent the boss to know about their relationship. They worn formal suits, celebrated birthday together and drank many glasses of bourbon.

Time passed, they got drunk. He asked Ask to find out where Folk was. Ask came upstairs to his bedroom and said apologies to Folk for his guilty. He told F-look about the hole he made on the kitchen ceiling and observed Folk via the hole without his permission.

Ask came to downstairs and lied to the boss again that he could not find Folk in his house. Folk saw what was going on in the kitchen from the hole of ceiling Ask used to observe him.

The boss was so angry and left the house. Ask invited Folk t spend the Christmas time with him but Folk said he must return home as he broke the contract. Ask thought that Folk decided to leave him. Actually, Folk drove his car to return the caravan camp to his boss and told him boss that he quitted the job.

It can be seen that the role of observers in the film are: They are not allowed to communicate with their subject. Building close relationship is extremely prohibited. Folk is a representative of known observers, while Ask plays two roles: Therefore, he decided to use a polite way to give the subject a token and it did work.

However, he did not find any progress on his observation because Ask has never used his kitchen during the observation. After that, Folk gained cognitive access from Ask when they started having interaction and communication.An early look at the Oscar race.

This week our team breaks down what to expect next year at the Academy Awards and which movies have already started to make a splash. Note­ taking is a three step process of observing, recording, and reviewing.

First, an event is observed – Be alert to repetition When an instructor repeats a phrase or idea, note it.


The instructor thinks Conduct pre­class reviews This . The Bird Observer is BOCA’s membership magazine, published quarterly and distributed free to all members of BOCA.

This easy to read full colour magazine puts you in touch with Australia’s wild birds. Observation and Field Notes Observational data refer to the raw materials an observer collects from observations, interviews, and materials, .

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Film observation note
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